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Some information about who we are and what we do

  • Who we are

    We are a company specialized in the development of evaluation, rehabilitation and performance enhancement products for athletic training.

  • How we do it

    Our products have been developed and improved since early 2008, with the collaboration of many experts such as therapists, sport coaches, fitness coaches and athletes of several elite sport contexts.

  • Our services

    We provide services for neuromuscular evaluation using several techniques and tools, such as tensiomyography (TMG), strength evaluation, muscular balance and injury risk factors. We also provide consulting and training in several areas related to sports training and rehabilitation to athletes, teams or companies.

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Our products are designed for athletic performance improvement, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Acceleration Squat

Smart Groin Trainer

Acceleration Leg Curl/Extension

Acceleration Pulley

Acceleration Pulley Portable

Acceleration Pulley Fast


Our services are directed for the evaluation of an athlete's condition and provide accurate reports and recommendations.

Tensiomyography TMG

Tensiomyography (TMG) is a unique, noninvasive technological procedure that facilitates the measurement of the contractile properties of superficial skeletal muscles. Originally designed for use by medical professionals, TMG has successfully transitioned from medicine, through sports medicine and is now being effectively utilized in sports training programs and post trauma rehabilitation. Because of its non-invasive nature, tensiomyography provides rapid accurate diagnostic data without any discomfort, or disruption of the routine of the person whose muscles are being assessed.

NeuroExcellence is part of a very restrict group of TMG users worldwide.

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Customers around the world rely on our products and services to achieve the best athletic performance possible. We are proud to have their trust and we do our best daily to keep justifying it.


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